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on feb.16, genertec signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with the peking university people's hospital (pkuph).

at the signing ceremony, genertec chairman yu xubo and president lu yimin had in-depth exchanges with pkuph president wang jun and secretary of the hospital's party committee zhao yue. they paid a visit together to the genertec clinic.

yu and zhao delivered speeches at the opening ceremony. lu and wang, on behalf of the two sides, inked the agreement.

according to the agreement, the two sides will enhance cooperation on national medical center construction, regional synergistic health service, translation of technological outcomes, co-construction of major disciplines, as well as the health and wellness sector.

they will also work together to improve medical capacity for critical illnesses, enhance medical research and technological strength, and expand quality medical resources, so as to jointly promote the integrated development of industry, universities, research institutions and hospitals.

genertec vice-president xie biao, chief economist luo xiaofang, president assistants li yadong and liu kun, and heads of genertec medical sub-groups and subsidiaries, genertec advanced materials, genertec amc, and relevant departments of the group also attended the signing ceremony.