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genertec chairman yu xubo, president lu yimin, vice-presidents zhang zhenrong and wang xusheng sent spring festival wishes to and expressed solicitude for genertec's employees working overseas and their family at an online activity held on the afternoon of jan. 28.

at the activity presided over by wang, leaders of genertec, including yu, lu and zhang, had separate talks with five groups of employees in foreign countries and representatives of their family. they asked about their work, life, and the current status of the projects they work for, sent heart-warming messages to them, and extended through them spring festival greetings to all employees working in foreign lands and their family. 

in his concluding remarks at the activity, yu stressed that genertec's achievements in 2021 couldn't have been made without the hard work of the cadres and all the staff members of the group, including its employees working abroad, as well as the understanding and support of their family.

he expressed high respect and heartfelt gratitude to everyone, and told employees in foreign lands to guard against the covid-19 pandemic and take good care of themselves.

it's hoped that genertec's project managers working overseas will do a good job in guaranteeing sound progress in their projects in the new year by attaching great importance to international operation, green development, coordination between development and security, as well as epidemic prevention and control, yu noted.

more than 200 people, including chiefs and representatives of genertec's subsidiaries, such as genertec ptac, genertec meheco, and genertec xinxing, heads of departments of genertec, as well as employees working overseas and their family, took part in the activity via video link from over 80 sub-venues.