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a ceremony marking genertec's donation of a genertec mobile clinic to the wuchuan general hospital was held on the square to the north of the wuchuan people's hospital in wuchuan county, inner mongolia autonomous region on dec.23.

at the ceremony, genertec president lu yimin delivered the genertec mobile clinic to hada, deputy secretary of the communist party of china wuchuan county committee, and acting mayor of wuchuan county. 

besides, genertec signed an assistance framework agreement with the wuchuan general hospital.

li yadong, president assistant of genertec and president of genertec meheco, attended the ceremony.

genertec mobile clinic is an important carrier of the group's medical chain brand genertec clinic. through digital methods, genertec has made the medical vehicle a "hospital on wheels", delivering medical resources to communities, workplaces, and townships. 

since the first genertec mobile clinic started operation in shangdu county, inner mongolia autonomous region on sept.16, the mobile medical service has received wide applauses for sending premium medical services to the doorsteps of the people.

the 11-meter vehicle is equipped with all kinds of exam and inspection instruments, such as digital radiography, color ultrasound, ecg machine, automatic biochemical analyzer, hematology analyzer, urine analyzer, bone mineral density instrument,etc.

besides, integrating big data, cloud computing and 5g technologies into the application of telemedicine, genertec has also equipped the genertec mobile clinic with 5g gateway devices that enable the vehicle to launch remote consultations, remote ultrasonic inspections, and other services, and the data on the genertec mobile clinic are interconnected with those in internet hospitals. 

users can log in, do the check-ups and have their check-up reports printed on the vehicle, and these check-up data will be transmitted to a cloud platform of health management, so that the users can enjoy follow-up medical services provided by professional teams.

prior to the ceremony, lu went on an inspection tour to the wuchuan general hospital with a delegation, and fully recognized the vital role played by the group's medical assistance in consolidating the achievements made in poverty alleviation in coordination with rural vitalization.