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genertec cntic recently signed an epc contract for the 500 kv nowshera (new) grid station with pakistan's national transmission & dispatch company, a major strategic project financed by the world bank to modernize power transmission and transformation in the country.

according to the contract, the scope of work covers the design, installation, commissioning, civil engineering of and supply for the new substation.

ultra-high voltage power transmission is an unavoidable solution as generating capacity and electrical load grow. it is one of the important indicators that demonstrate the development of the power industry. 

in recent years, generating capacity has been on a rapid expansion in belt and road countries. focusing on power grid infrastructure, genertec has built multiple power transmission and distribution projects in bangladesh and pakistan, among others, which has further optimized local power grid structure, improved power transmission and distribution efficiency, and turned the increasing power generating capacity in these countries into tangible benefits for local economic and livelihood development.