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four genertec projects were granted the china automotive science and technology progress award at the china-sae congress & exhibition recently held at the shanghai automobile exhibition center.

a project led by genertec caeri titled key technologies and equipment of intelligent vehicle's test and evaluation for chinese scenarios, as well as the research of technology roadmap for energy saving and new energy vehicles that genertec caeri has joined, won the first prize.
another genertec caeri-led project, and one that the company has made a contribution to, took the third prize. they were respectively the development and application of key technology for vehicle squeak identification and control, and the integrated development of autobody part in mini electric vehicle based on low-density materials.

the china automotive industry science and technology progress award is hailed as the nobel prize for the country's auto technology. claiming three first prizes, two second prizes, and four third prizes over the past three years, genertec has played its due role, with its strength in technologies, in supporting and contributing to the healthy development of the auto industry.