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genertec gtam and genertec cta brought their innovations in new materials to the 2021 yarn expo (autumn), held in the national exhibition and convention center (shanghai) recently, which demonstrated genertec's aspiration of "good technology, good life".

good technology: genertec provides high-quality supplies for companies along industrial chains

as an important part of advanced manufacturing and new material industries, new fiber materials play an indispensable role in the industrial chains.

by bringing high-performance fibers, special fibers, green fibers, and other products to the expo, genertec displayed its r&d capabilities in new materials in an all-round way and showed its aspiration to make technological breakthroughs.

genertec exhibited at the expo ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (uhmwpe) fibers, one of the three most important high-performance fibers in the world, polyphenylene sulfide fibers, three-dimensional braided preforms and composite materials, and other high-performance fibers.

overcoming many difficulties, genertec cta has developed a complete set of dry spinning technology, which can produce thin and high-performance fibers and reach the international advanced level.

as generations of researchers have strived for breakthroughs in technologies, equipment and engineering for over two decades, genertec cta has independently innovated a complete set of technology and equipment for lyocell fiber industrialization, with a production capacity that ranks first in china and second in the world.

good life: genertec new materials satisfy people's needs for better life

besides upstream products, genertec also exhibited a wide range of products closely related to people's daily life, which manifests genertec's technological innovation guided by the idea of making people's life better.

garments made of green fibers are naturally soft and skin-friendly, and will remain comfortable even after repeated washing.

plant-dyedproducts, which feature bright colors and environment-friendly production, cover silk scarves, women's clothing, children's clothing and etc.

also exhibited at the expo were many professional textile terminal product series, such as outdoor activity products, oil storage bladders, and life-saving gadgets.

relevant products include ice packs, inflatable life jackets, tpu backpacks, buoys, portable oil storage bladders, and pendants and yardage rolls made of high-performance flexible composite materials.

as a central enterprise in the textile industry in china, genertec will continuously help enhance the country's fiber capabilities and contribute its part to satisfying people's demands for a better life.