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the second china-africa economic and trade expo opened in changsha, central china's hunan province on sept. 26. yang jiechi, a member of the political bureau of the communist party of china (cpc) central committee and director of the office of the foreign affairs commission of the cpc central committee attended the expo's opening ceremony and delivered a speech.

present at the expo, genertec displayed its exportation of epidemic prevention materials, telemedicine services, and china-african agricultural and trade cooperation against the backdrop of covid-19, and shared cases of genertec taking an active part in construction of new infrastructure and promotion of industries in africa.

the exhibition was a show that genertec has shouldered its responsibility as a centrally-administered state-owned enterprise in improving the wellbeing of african people and employees of overseas chinese companies through technological advancements and high-quality services.

yang jiechi pays a visit to genertec's exhibition booth

in the afternoon of sept.26, yang jiechi visited genertec's exhibition booth. he was introduced the business operations of genertec in africa by genertec's vice-president wang xusheng, and learned about genertec's exportation of assistance materials and medical equipment, including test kits, facial masks, protective clothing, goggles and breathing equipment, to more than 30 african countries and regions including algeria, egypt, angola, ethiopia, cameroon, botswana, chad and the democratic republic of the congo.

as a centrally-administered state-owned enterprise capable of offering professional pharmaceutical services and products and medical equipment, genertec has provided anti-pandemic aid to africa within its capacity by allocating resources under the framework of its international business network. it has set up a sales channel in western africa, northern africa and southern africa, while continuing to provide services for countries like algeria, tanzania, mali and mauritania in product registration, document support, supply of raw materials and pharmaceutical preparations, training of technical skills, and construction of hospital supporting facilities.

genertec tailors a plan to help push forward the development of africa

investment in and construction of infrastructure is an important area of china-africa economic and trade cooperation, as well as a vital part in boosting interconnectivity between china and africa. at the china-africa infrastructure cooperation forum held on sept. 27, wang xusheng raised three proposals to contribute china's solutions to improving the wellbeing of african people in the post-pandemic era.

he said efforts should be made to help african countries in developing the public health system and bringing the economy and people's livelihood back to the right track as soon as possible. in addition, genertec will take an active part in construction of new infrastructure for the local community and make its contribution to the digitalization drive of african countries. it is also about to dock its development goals with that of african countries' in a bid to help the local community boost employment and improve the capability for sustainable development.

genertec seeks to bring economic and trade cooperation with africa onto a higher level

genertec has carried out cooperation with africa for a long time. since the 1980s, it has participated in signature projects in africa such as the affordable housing project in south africa, the friendship palace of sudan, hospital construction in ghana, and road projects in benin. in recent years, genertec has also enhanced cooperation with african countries in construction of internet infrastructure, taking part in the extension project of the communication network of senegal, ghana rural telephony and digital inclusion project, and the unified and open platform of video protection project in cote d'ivoire,  among other projects.

during the china-africa infrastructure cooperation forum, genertec and cote d' ivoire's ministry of digital economy and post signed a contract to build the national data center project for cote d' ivoire's ministry for communication and information technology.

under the agreement, genertec will build two data centers, deploy high-performance servers and large-capacity integrated storage network systems in the data centers, and help the government establish a digital government system, a network system, a cloud platform, and infrastructures.