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recently, the colorectal cancer assistance project named "intestinal plan, intestinal health "of xinyan public welfare fund has been successfully implemented in pangang general hospital of genertec universal medical, and the first batch of assistance tasks has already been carried out.

the first batch of aid recipients came from panzhihua and liangshan area of sichuan province, including the elder workers who had supported the third line construction . they were all suffering from intestinal tumors. due to limited financial conditions caused by illness or lack of labor in the family, they could not afford the corresponding treatment costs. to help them get timely and effective treatment, the project has offered them assistance. under the careful treatment and care of doctors and nurses, all three patients have been recovered from the hospital.

doctor visited the patient after operation

according to the data from the national cancer center, gastrointestinal tumors cases account for nearly half of all domestic tumor cases in china. at the same time, among the five kinds of cancers with the highest mortality rate, three belong to the category of gastrointestinal tumors, namely, gastric carcinoma, esophagus cancer and colorectal cancer, which has seriously threatened patients’ health. due to the spicy-loving eating habits, gastrointestinal tumors are more common in panzhihua-xichang area. therefore, timely detection and intervention treatment is of great significance for improving the patients’ survival rates and public health of people in this area.

the project was initiated by genertec universal medical, approved by primary health care foundation of china and launched in panzhihua-xichang area. the project provides patients with assistance on adenoma lesions, intramucosal carcinoma, submucosal carcinoma and other deeper level of carcinoma. it strives to solve the  difficulties of families that become or stuck in poverty again because of the illness. in addition, the project effectively benefits the public welfare, fairness and sharing of medical services in remote areas, making it a powerful measure for genertec universal medical to shoulder the social responsibility.

in the future, the fund will further carry out more assistance projects to help fulfill the clinical diagnosis and treatment needs of patients in remote areas, improve the medical service level of medical workers and the construction of hospital departments, as well as enhance and standardize the clinical diagnosis, treatment methods and capabilities of medical institutions comprehensively. it is aiming to bring hope and warmth to patients through the professional medical care, make sustainable contributions to the cause of public health & welfare in china, and safeguard health of people with quality healthcare.