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the chinese embassy in sudan carried out the spring sprout program on june 10 to give covid-19 vaccine booster shots to chinese nationals and employees of chinese-funded organizations in sudan. ding jianlong, zhou jun and liu hai from genertec medical, who are also on a medical team from shaanxi province assisting sudan, joined the program and will stay in the country to provide medical aid for one and a half years.

chinese friends

sudan, located in northeast africa, is the third largest country on the continent. it is also known as the "furnace of the world." the annual average temperature in the country ranges from a low of 22 degree celsius to a high of 35 degree celsius. members of the medical aid team went through four months of english and arabic training before they departed. arabic is one of the most difficult languages around the world. however, zhou, ding and liu managed to make it through to make sure they do a great job in sudan.

on may 13, the three of them departed from guangzhou, carrying a mission to extend the traditional friendship between china and africa. it took them around 20 hours to arrive in the capital of sudan, but none of them made any complaint. after their arrival, they were called "al'asdiqa' alsiyniuwn" by the locals, which means "chinese friends." they felt the passion of sudan and the hospitality of the sudanese for china.

thank you, chinese doctor

shen lanlan, an obstetrician of the 3201 hospital under genertec medical, was among the first batch of medical workers sent by the hospital to offer medical aid in africa. as a member of the 36th batch of medical aid team of china to sudan, she worked at a local hospital for two years between 2013 and 2015.

the work environment and living conditions at the hospital were harsh and dangerous. despite all that, shen received more than 7,000 outpatients and performed over 1,000 surgeries, something that was unprecedented in the surgical history of the hospital. she has brought not only medical services, but also the friendliness of the chinese to the local people, winning an honor for the chinese medical aid team.

chinese doctors spreading love in africa

many problems occurred in the residence area of the chinese medical aid team - air conditioner failures, sporadic blackouts, frequent water outages and poor network signal. however, the challenging environment in the foreign country didn't frighten the three genertec employees. they will keep carrying forward the ethos of chinese medical aid teams - selfless sacrifice, care for the sick and borderless love, continue writing splendid chapters of chinese medical aid teams in sudan and inject positive energy of chinese doctors into the country.